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Welcome to
Mugwagwa Elderly Foundation Trust

Over the past two decades (1998 to 2019) working as a registered nurse in various clinics and Hospitals within the regions of Zimbabwe, the Founder of Meft Mrs Abigail Mugwagwa discovered that many of the elderly patients suffering from chronic conditions were defaulting on their treatments due to financial and logistical deficiencies. Mrs. Mugwagwa further discovered that the overwhelming reason for this was because most of the drugs prescribed to them were found only in private pharmacies. The cost and acquisition of these drugs proved prohibitive to these senior citizens, due to their low incomes, or lack or income, and their proximity to the nearest pharmacy. Mrs. Mugwagwa took it upon herself to personally assist a few elderly patients by purchasing these drugs, for them, from the private pharmacies. In several cases she would even deliver the drugs to those Senior citizens who were not mobile enough to collect. These noble deeds culminated in the birth and formation of Mugwagwa Elderly Foundation Trust.

How You Can Get Involved

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Our Focus

To provide food, shelter, clothing and medicine to the aged people of Zimbabwe for the improvement and sustainment of their physical and social wellbeing. As the Meft program grows, in donations, our aim and focus are to provide similar philanthropic services to the entire Southern African Region.

What is MEFT?

Meft is a local NGO based, and operating in Zimbabwe, City of Chinhoyi, that was established in 2018; and registered with the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare in November 2019.

Our Vision

To give Senior Citizens a quality of life within Zimbabwe that will allow them the dignity that they deserve

Our Mission

Actively working to address the needs of our Senior Citizens who are at, or below the poverty line within their respective communities. Our Mission is to improve the health and welfare of this elderly population.

Donate. Get Involved.

It is likely you know of an elderly person who is struggling to get access to basic things like food, shelter or even medication. Our mission is to assist the elderly people have no access to basics like food stuffs, clothes, shelter and medication, so as to improve their health and living standards.

Help us meet our objective

Provision of care services to the elderly through shelter, care, treatment and support. Establishing institutions that take care of the elderly. Making visits to identify elders and assist them with daily chores like washing, bathing , cooking, gardening to maintain just a few.

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